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Qarmout Foundation For The Needy , USorphans.Org, a non Profit Organization.



The Qarmout Foundation for the Needy strives to provide a safe, loving, home-like environment for America’s abused, neglected and difficult-to-place children through the development of Qarmout Children’s Village.

Pregnant women in need of support are welcomed with open arms to Qarmout Children’s Village Maternity Ward.

As a non-profit organization, the Qarmout Foundation recognizes the pivotal role financial supporters play in achieving this vision and is committed to developing strong, lasting relationships with all who share our goal of saving the neediest children in our society.

 Together, the Qarmout Foundation and its benefactors will create a place where children are cared for with compassion, excellence and love.




A Non Profit Organization 501 (C) 3 Tax ID: 51-0672510

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